One Frittata Recipe, Two Appliances (Steam and Convection)

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Wow, what a difference. Take the same recipe and cook it in two appliances. The results taste like completely different methods.

The frittata in the JennAir convection oven is golden brown and a bit crunchy on the edges. The same recipe cooked in the JennAir combo steam convection oven yields a fluffy, creamy concoction. If you want to give it that golden-brown hue, you need to finish it  in the convection setting. Just follow the manufacturer directions. Read More

Recipes from the Princeton Chamber Independent Business Alliance Event at Miele USA HQ

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It’s a unique opportunity to cook at one of Mrs. G’s brand headquarters, especially when it’s local. On Tuesday, September 16th, The Princeton Chamber of Commerce Independent Business Alliance hosted Joe Grafton, Director of Development and Community Engagement with AMIBA at the Miele USA Headquarters right in Princeton. Over 140 people attended in support of the Chamber’s call to businesses to shift their spending and keep their business local. Read More

Kosher Recipes for Rosh Hashanah

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Rabbi Goldenberg with Mrs. G's Appliance Chef Mary Beth

The recipes below were prepared with Miele products. The cooked items were prepared on the Induction Cooktop. Induction cooking means that heat will only transfer to the cooking vessel and not other surfaces. Meaning, if you place your hand on the cooktop surface while it is on, you won’t get burned! Induction cooking is also faster, which means a shorter prep time for your meal.  Read More