Food Revolution Day: Hummus Recipe from Mrs. G’s Youth Ambassador

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Hummus Recipe #MrsGs #FoodRevolution

On May 17, 2013, the entire staff at Mrs. G’s  joined people from all over the world for Food Revolution Day, a movement started by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver  to encourage smart eating and cooking. 

“It’s a chance for people to come together within their homes, schools, workplaces and communities to cook and share their kitchen skills, food knowledge and resources. Food Revolution Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of good food and better food education for everyone by focusing on three simple actions – cook it, share it, live it.”

During the day, Debbie and staff had a BBQ with ribs, sausages, and asparagus purchased from the local Trenton Farmers’ Market (celebrating 65 years in business!) and prepared on a Weber grill.

Food Revolution Day at Mrs. G's, photo by Khürt L. Williams

Photo Credit: Khürt L. Williams

In the afternoon we invited a local youth Shaan Williams, 14, to demonstrate his culinary skills that have become well-known among family and friends. I was happy to serve as Shaan’s sou chef as he prepared his special hummus recipe. Watch the video below to see Shawn in action, and grab his recipe underneath. The original version of his recipe calls for soaking dry chick peas overnight in a crockpot and then using them in place of the canned version. Either option is perfectly acceptable.

Shaan’s Hummus Recipe

Hummus Recipe #MrsGs #FoodRevolution

2-3 cans of chick peas (you’ll need the liquid from one of the cans)

1 small container of sesame seeds (about 7 oz.)

1-2 Tbsp olive oil

1/2 c lemon juice (plus or minus depending on how strong a lemon flavor you want)

2-3 garlic cloves (minced)

1-2 jalapeño peppers (chopped)

1 tsp salt

Cilantro for garnishing

Start by adding the cans of chick peas, undrained, into your food processor. Then, to make the tahini paste, use a spice grinder to grind the seasame seeds until fine. In a separate small dish, combine ground seeds with oil until you obtain a butter-like consistency. Add the tahini to your food processor. Next, add your minced garlic, chopped jalapeños, and salt to the food processor, followed by lemon juice. Blend all together for about 15 seconds or until your mixture is blended to your desired consistency. Garnish with cilantro and serve with your favorite healthy snacks like pita and fresh vegetables.



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