Fruit Pizza and a Facebook Challenge!

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Fruit Pizza Mrs. G Lawrence

If you haven’t joined yet, we have a Facebook group set up for customers and friends of Mrs. G to interact and engage with each other and the staff here at the store. As a way to bring more ideas to the group, we would love to present a challenge for anyone who is interested in getting creative with their food. Recently, Chef John prepared a cold fruit pizza using the bread recipe from his herb casatiello demo (minus the meat). The additional ingredients included: mascarpone cheese, honey and fruit of your choosing. The process was simple: 1) Bake your pizza dough; 2) Once it has cooled, spread the mascarpone cheese to act as your “sauce;” 3) Next, lightly coat your fruit with honey and arrange as your pizza toppings. That’s it!

Fruit Pizza Mrs. G Lawrence Fruit Pizza Mrs. G Lawrence

Now it’s your turn. During the month of August, we would love to see you try something creative with local fruit. It can be your own fruit pizza or something else.  The theme of the challenge is simply: getting creative with fruit. 

To participate, you need to join our Facebook group and then share a picture and recipe of what you prepared. We invite anyone to come back the recipe in our Community Kitchen if you want a group of willing taste-testers. We will collect all the entires during August to use on this blog at a future date. 





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