Grilled Guacamole

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Grilled Guacamole | Mrs G's Appliance Chef

Before my kids were born, I could easily spend a whole day just cooking dinner. I would hop from farm to farm in search of meticulous ingredients. Then I would spend hours in the kitchen creating elaborate chef dinners. I loathed people who made mayonnaise in a blender rather than whipping it by hand, let alone bought it at the store.

When my first child was born, I (stressfully) held on to this practice. But when my second and third ones arrived, I had no choice but to cave  in. And I started to cut corners.

Sixteen years later, I’ve developed a whole repertoire of shortcuts. Sure,  my occupational pride is hurt. But dinners are made with ease and nonchalance.

One of my favorite shortcuts is that of guacamole. In this particular recipe, we first grilled the avocado and lime on the Big Green Egg after being inspired by local blogger Amanda Biddle of StripedSpatula. Guacamole is so simple that there is no need for a recipe:

     1.Grill cut sides down on medium-high direct heat for about 5 minutes;

     2. Scoop out the flesh of three ripe avocados;

     3. Drizzle some lime and sprinkle with salt; 

     4. Mash with a fork and then stir in about half cup of fresh, store-bought salsa.

     5. That’s all!

Grilled Guacamole | Mrs G's Appliance Chef



Grilled Guacamole | Mrs G's Appliance Chef


Grilled Guacamole | Mrs G's Appliance Chef

People who’ve tasted this guacamole said that it tasted like the “real thing” from a restaurant.  So let me tell you a secret: restaurants cut corners, too. 


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  • Faith Bahadurian

    What, no peas? ;-) I love the salsa trick, I often add a couple spoonfuls of green salsa myself.